piers/risotto | it/he | mlm | adult

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huge wip at the moment, look at your own risk

✂ piers/risotto
✂ it/its + other pronouns
✂ mlm/nblm
✂ masc nb
✂ risotto nero fictive
✂ system host
taken <3
✂ nonhuman
✂ mentally disabled + ill
✂ physically disabled
✂ latino

things to know
✂ i am not comfortable disclosing my age because of previous creepy and uncomfortable interactions. please respect this.
✂ i am very blunt and may seem uninterested, but i promise you i mean no harm. i tend to relax more around people i know/consider my friends
✂ i am not comfortable with people 14 and under interacting with me (unless you're friends with someone else in my system). commissions and such are fine, but please don't attempt to be friends if you're very young.
✂ if you'd like to know more about my system, more specifically the frequent fronters, you can read here

hyperfixations + special interests are starred
✂ warrior cats ☆
✂ jojo ☆
✂ fnaf ☆
✂ kny
✂ bunnies ☆
✂ enstars ☆
✂ bandori
✂ vocaloid ☆
✂ markiplier ☆
✂ pokemon ☆
✂ horror
✂ unus annus
✂ danganropa ☆
✂ hunter x hunter
✂ lucky star

music (favs are starred)
✂ mindless self indulgence
✂ andrew jackson jihad ☆
✂ jazmin bean ☆
✂ nirvana
✂ third eye blind
✂ dance gavin dance ☆
✂ fleetwood mac ☆
✂ david bowie
✂ leathermouth
✂ insane clown posse ☆
✂ kimya dawson
✂ queen
✂ mitski ☆
✂ lemon demon
✂ frank iero
✂ lil peep
+ a lot more i can't fit

    hello yes it's a lovemail section. if you don't want to read my rambling about my husband then just click the rats to go back. anyways.
    i love my partner so much it's insane. doppo's been there for me when i had no one else, and he's always so patient and kind with me. i talk to him pretty much all day, and he just keeps me in such a good mood. vinny is so cute, like seriously i got so lucky. he's so handsome and cute and it's not fair to everyone else. he always talks to me softly before i go to sleep and it makes me feel so comfortable and safe. i absolutely love his laugh so much, it's so sweet and it makes me feel so good. i am so lucky to know him. i never want to leave his side. he makes everyday just easier to get through. he truly deserves the whole world. i want to kiss him all over !!! i really believe vinny is my soulmate, and whether it be platonic or romantic, i always want to be by his side.
    he really is the love of my life, and i am so grateful for him.

    do not interact if:
    ✂ you associate with any of the following people
    ♦ dustcave on ig
    ♦ the corvid system
    ♦ the cloud castle system
    ♦ diefakesangwoo or whatever their new @ is now on ig
    ♦ slurapologist on ig
    ✂ you constantly involve yourself in discourse
    ✂ basic dni stuff
    ✂ you're alm/don't support acab
    ✂ support endogenic systems or tulpa systems
    ✂ you like boyfriend to death or anything associated with gatobob
    ✂ you kin me (risotto nero)
    ✂ you kin diavolo from jojo
    ✂ anti mogai/neopronouns
    ✂ anti nb gays/lesbians
    ✂ i have you blocked. sometimes i block people if their profiles include my triggers. if you don't remember having a bad interaction with me, that's probably why.
    ✂ you hate any of my friends
    ✂ you're 14 or younger
    ✂ you're an entp /j

    my discomforts/triggers (triggers are starred)
    ✂ junkrat from ow
    ✂ mother mother the band ☆
    ✂ the names sid/sidney, jasper, jesse, lily, mallory + robbie (tag all of these please)
    ✂ bugs
    ✂ falling down from undertale ost ☆
    ✂ diavolo from jojo ☆
    ✂ jotajosu ☆, josuhan☆, diadop ☆, risdia☆, fugonara, + giomis
    ✂ homestuck
    ✂ body horror involving teeth ☆
    ✂ any la squadra deaths
    ✂ boyfriend to death ☆
    ✂ vomit ☆
    ✂ drowning ☆
    ✂ smoking cigarettes/cigarettes
    ✂ underaged drinking

    these are my accounts that you can reach me at
    ✂ toyhouse: ibarasaegusa
    ✂ chicken smoothie: risotto ( used to be feral. )
    ✂ artfight: highnoooooooon
    ✂ flight rising: highnoooooooon
    ✂ discord: risotto#9868
    ✂ instagram: ask
    ✂ twitter: ask
    ✂ deviantart: ask

    my instagram is currently inactive. the best place to reach me right now is toyhouse, chicken smoothie, or twitter.

    when crediting me for art/designs, please credit my toyhouse.

    i only add people i know on discord, don't send me a random friend request. my deviantart is only for storing points for buying commissions in the future, i never post there.

    note: the body is a minor, but still please don't interact if you're 14 or under as it's still a huge age gap. the body is 16+, and so are most of us. please respect this.
    additionally, please don't interact if you're over 30 or something
    we are fictive heavy due to us heavily fixating on media to cope. this doesn't make us any less valid
    our system is recognized by professionals, but we are not fully diagnosed yet.
    just because you're friends with one of us doesn't mean you're friends with all of us. additionally, please don't act like you know us because you're a fan of our source/characters and/or kin us.
    we aren't kinnies either. don't call us that.


    ghiaccio | he/they | 25 | carrd
    will probably dry text you unless you're close with us
    ibara | he/it + other | 19
    the definition of "i will now cause problems on purpose"
    secco | he/it/claw/rot | ??
    lurks a lot, types extremely frantically

    frequent fronters

    nicks | he/it/bun | 15 | carrd
    he bites. sorry women!
    arashi | she/faun | 19
    holds her so gently i love her
    noriaki | he | age slider (17-25)
    he's just here.